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7 Must-Know Boomer Resource Websites

boomer resource websites

7 Must-Know Boomer Resource Websites

I am the type of person that uses the internet to find almost everything especially, boomer resource websites. There is, however, one thing that drives me crazy about this wonderful resource. It’s sorting through all the so-called top-notch websites that “bill” themselves as providing free expert information but are really part of a carefully designed marketing program. When I am searching the web I want real info not a snip-it of useless quips designed to draw you into the website to buy something.  It also aggravates me when after you have read a wonderful post, you later think about it and you realize the person is only giving you an opinion developed from an observational point of view because he/she has little personal experience to back up what they are saying. This post features more than 7 boomer resource websites I like and believe have some real substance and value to the user.

This post is designed to give you my most up-to-date findings on a variety of “boomer/senior news” topics with links to websites filled with good, focused and fully researched information. Believe it or not I had a wonderful realization along the way–Retirement is not the end but another beginning. It’s just another “Passage” in life. (Will write more about this in future posts).

What follows are links and basic information about these boomer resource websites.

boomer resource websites

Savvy Senior logo

1. The Savvy Senior Website describes itself as “A nationally syndicated information column devoted to older adults and the families who support them. Researched and written by senior advocate, author and NBC Today show contributor Jim Miller, Savvy Senior is published in more than 400 newspapers and magazines nationwide.” There must be 500 to a 1,000 links on this site that can connect you to solid, substantial information on any boomer/senior-related topic you can contemplate. One of his great services is his weekly newsletter, Senior Newswire. 

As a “practicing” Boomer/Retired Senior I am always delighted when I get Senior Newswire.  It’s the best weekly e-newsletter for seniors I have found in my many tries to find weekly email stuff that has substance. Its special feature is that the stories are linked directly to the featured boomer resource websites. Jim Miller also writes a great column.  (Link takes you to a sampling of his published columns. In this case you view news clips from the Huffington Post.) The column is published in many newspapers and is accessible on the Savvy Senior Website. In my opinion Jim’s website has the best compiled national list of senior services now available on the internet. It’s nice to know being a senior is important enough to have a young writer build his brand and reputation on doing the “information and resource” thing in a complete and right way. Thanks Jim you’re doing a great job!!

boomer resource websites

US News Money Section

2. US News & World Report’s Money Section sees Retirement as important as Personal Finance, Careers, Investing and Real Estate as they are all headers for their Money Section tabs. I have enjoyed reading some of the insights of Dave Bernard who writes about the variety of adjustments you face when you retire. Although Dave is a newbie at the retirement game, his articles are well researched and his writing transparent. The publication’s Retirement tab always features about 4 to 6 articles posted by a variety of bloggers. I say hats off to US News Money because they recognize that those of us over 50 are growing in numbers every day and that we are now an important “market segment.” I believe it will soon be fashionable to be over 50. Maybe It’s not as glamorous as being a 20-something but certainly a force to be reckoned within the near future, if not now. (I think US News knows that it’s now!) This is definitely one of the boomer resource websites to follow.

boomer resource websites

Forbes logo

3.  Financial Planning is such an important part of your retirement puzzle. (Click the financial planning link to read a Forbes article on “how to choose” the right planner/firm.) The fit has to match your needs and your comfort zone. Prior to my husband’s passing we were working
with an organization out of South Carolina (Earlier decision-making was completed when we lived near Columbia the State Capital and had connected with a CPA to help us with our taxes and of course they had a guy). But now I was in charge and I wanted to be able to see, meet, and have access to my advisor at any time. He or she had to be easily understand and comfortable to talk with about my financial stability. Yes of course, the advisor had to have a track record for success. By this time I had moved back home to the Philadelphia area and reconnected with my friend and distant relative (well kind of–his Aunt was my Dad’s cousin and his last name was the same as my maiden name.)…not that all that matters when it comes to finances. Well yes it does, if the semi-relative is competent, has a great reputation and is completely trust worthy, there’s an inherent comfort in using his capabilities for my benefit. I do not feel comfortable with large, overwhelming organizations. Smaller groups with the right credentials, track-record and connections work for me. Compass ION Advisors, LLC (my investment people) use one of the big, high-powered brokerage organizations to do their investments. This works for me because they keep their hands on the personal moves involved but most importantly they have performed for me (over the last 13 years). The point here is that you must be confident in your money handlers and their performance must give you what you need and want. I chose a local firm, Compass ION Advisors, LLC because all my check points–the list of what’s important–and my comfort zone matched. In this case this is one of the boomer resource websites that connects locally.

boomer resource websites

CARF Gold Seal

4. Housing and Senior Care If you’ve followed my blog for any time now, you know that I am inclined towards moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) when I downsize from my home to a one-floor house plan. I have followed many boomer resource websites over the years (not all the sites are listed in this post) in an effort to be informed about what’s important as we grow older. I am a widow, my son and his family are extremely busy and I have friends that live in a 55 and over community. The bottom line is that 55 and over communities, for the most part, offer less expensive living but if you need significant senior care this can become a dangerous living arrangement. Even when you have family nearby, I have observed that families prefer the secure advantages of a CCRC. These organizations offer a continuum of care because that’s the point. The “Housing and Senior Care” link at the beginning of this paragraph will take you to the accreditation section of the Carf International website (click here for the homepage). Carf accreditation is important because it guarantees an organization has been evaluated against best-practice CCRC standards.

boomer resource websites

HowStuffWorks Logo

5. Healthy Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Living (This in not a link) are such an important part of having satisfactory senior years. Actually they are of primary importance throughout our life. As we enter the 60s how you feel is paramount part to finding contentment and satisfaction in retirement. (I think the negative beliefs about retirement and aging are about to take an about-face as this newly defined life segment is actually lived and better understood.) I believe it’s important to learn to “think right” so that you can see and find the wonderful opportunities that are at your feet when you retire (or any time for that matter). Since I was 56 (when my husband died) I have had to make major adjustments in my life. I don’t know that I was the perfect model of “how to” but I used the resources available to me beginning with an Employee Assistance Program provided by my husband’s employer, grief support groups, church participation and time with caring friends.

I also researched many boomer resource websites to find what I think is the best of the practical suggestions on where to look to find some meaningful activities to do when you retire. The HowStuffWorks website is a great place to connect to a larger variety of life topics, but I never expected this “nuts and bolts” (my wrongly retained opinion of this site) resource to be the landing site for my Google Search for healthy retirement but it was. There is was “Adjusting to Retirement,” a well written and well-researched 10-point web-source.

I also found other important info on the NIH Senior Health (National Institute of Health) website. The “find” focused on  Information & Resources about Memory & Mental Health. This may be a little too serious for some of you but I believe it is important to face life (even getting older) square in the face. I want to be as much in charge of my life as I can, no matter what comes. This website also provides links to other important boomer resource websites which may be of interest to you, including National Institute On Aging, US National Library of Medicine and US Department of Health and Human Services.

boomer resource websites

Upper Room logo

Trying to find religion-neutral sites that support the importance and special effects of our faith in our lives as we grow older was more difficult than I thought it should be. I was surprised how little has been written about faith and growing older (at least in the results of my searches for this info). One incredibly rich resources was United Methodist News featuring an article about a book entitled, Pilgrimage into the Last Third of Life:  7 Gateways to Spiritual Growth published by The Upper Room and is also available from Amazon in print and kindle formats.

In the article you’ll read “…The book has struck a nerve with people — not just the people my age, but for the baby boomer generation, which has started to retire,” Morgan said (a retired clergy in his 80s)  …I think the book has found a real niche with the baby boomers that are looking for more than trips and pleasure and all of that. They’re looking for something that will give lives’ meaning. Thanks to medical science, we’ve created a whole new stage of life [for the baby boomers]. The book has struck a chord with the boomer generation because it deals with spiritual growth, which is sometimes neglected by other books on aging. …Thibault (a gerontologists and emerita professor) said even if people come from a faith context, “they’re not used to seeing aging as a particularly rich time for their spiritual development.” The church is focused on the faith development of children, youth and young adults. (Quoted source: United Methodist News. Click link above for full article)

6. Technology and Seniors (This is not a link) are becoming more and more compatible. Pew Research Center recently published an article in Fact Tank their online publication. The article reveals Pew research that shows a growing number of the over 65 crowd believe smart phones are becoming a senior essential. In fact the data tells that a high number of seniors (56% who use the internet) use Facebook regularly (Yes, Facebook is becoming one of those great boomer resource websites). If you follow news sources regularly, I am sure you have noticed publication ads that promote special services designed to support seniors’ independent living by giving people the option to be connected to special monitors designed to know if a user needs help.

Pew FacTank Newsletter logo

boomer resource websites

boomer resource websites logo

7.  Personal Health Electronic Websites (This is not a link)  At (another of the important boomer resource websites) you can learn about the patient portal and how to stay current on your healthcare status. We all have access to our patient portal (link takes you to a case study told on the website). While you’re there check out “Blue Button.” Blue Button…”is not only an image displayed on patient portals and other secure web sites that lets you know you can get your health information electronically, but it is also becoming a symbol of a movement toward an improved healthcare system in which patients and healthcare providers use information technology to work together and improve health.which gives us personal access to our healthcare information” (Quote taken from In addition most of our Insurance providers give online access to records and information about our benefits and critical healthcare information.

When I talk about these things with friends who are not fascinated by the wonder of the internet and the richness of knowing what’s going on, they get surprised with overwhelming looks of disbelief on their faces. The world is moving faster and faster and my belief that it is important to keep pace with the changes that will affect me and my fellow boomer/seniors is the foundation for this blog post–my effort to share what I know about boomer resource websites with as many people as possible as…life goes on!

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